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In hypnotherapy, metaphors are used for identification & solution of the client’s personal conflict. Metaphors begin the process of “healing” because the glass gives the client a reflection of himself/herself in a corresponding circumstance with more options to heal.

The looking glass” concept was first described by a sociologist named Charles Horton Cowley in 1902. Its premise is that our self-esteem is formed by how we think others perceive our behavior and identity in social contexts. therefore, the “looking glass.”

Is this your “looking glass”?


The content of these blogs are for general information only and is not intended to diagnose or treat illnesses.   Hypnosis should not replace the treatment of a medical professional.  Our minds are all individual as is the experience of hypnosis.  Results may vary from person to person.  Hypnosis is effective with many issues and areas.  It is effective with everyday people and everyday problems.