Is This Your Looking Glass?

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  In hypnotherapy, metaphors are often used for identification & solution of the client’s personal conflict. Metaphors begin the process of healing because they give the client a reflection of himself/herself in a corresponding circumstance with more options to heal. These reflections are called the “looking glass.” The looking glass concept was first described in…

The Power of Your Thoughts

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If you do not know about the power of your thoughts (overthinking)…   READ THIS!!! It has been reported that on an average day, average people think about 6,200 thoughts a day. If that is not ominous enough, the type of thoughts we entertain may become to be an unconscious “go to” process. Over time,…

Hypnosis and Addiction

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On this episode of Energy Stoners™ Cafe, host Toni Quest talks with hypnotist and Life Coach, Norma Uranga, PH.D about the growing role of Hypnosis in dealing with addiction issues.

Choices and Possibilities

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If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” – Einstein       While routines in our daily lives give us stability and predictability, they can also bring depression and boredom. This was the case with Harold, He got up at the same time every day, took the same bus…

Letting Go

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  Is this your looking glass? Letting Go It is difficult to let go of the expectation that your parents are perfect and that they will protect you forever. Top that with the fact that for reasons we do not know, the middle child is often left to make developmental transitions for herself. But the…

Interview with Toni Quest

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Interview with Toni Quest, host of ‘Talk with TQ’ on how I integrate hypnosis and life coaching when working with clients.