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Hypnotherapy in Yonkers, NY

Did you know that Hypnotherapy is Healing?

Much has been written about the success of hypnotherapy today with clients who come to me because of trauma, anxiety, addiction, guilt, phobias and much more. What has not been explained is how hypnotherapy can bring healing to the person.  The following demonstrates one technique in hypnosis which utilizes similes and metaphors in hypnotic stories.  A metaphor and simile are figures of speech, embedded in a story.  The words are used to represent something else. There are many other therapeutic means of bringing healing in hypnotherapy.  If you are curious and would like to find out more, come see me. In the meantime, this is how similes, metaphors and storytelling heal.

For generations, humans have passed down their cultural norms, values and other relevant information through storytelling. Today, storytelling continues. Everyone loves to hear an exciting story with drama and good and bad characters. The plot has a beginning, a middle and an end.  The characters usually face a dilemma, conflict or many struggles. There is suspense. Sometimes, poems, anecdote and fables are used for the same purpose instead of stories.  Whatever, the method of delivery, we the listeners, become involved inevitably.  The tapestry is always compelling enough to enthrall and suspend the listener’s attention.  Metaphors and similes in storytelling is also used in hypnotherapy to bring healing, but it needs the following ingredients; A good hypnotist needs to weave a story; the anecdote or poem needs to be parallel symbolically to the issues the client has presented.  The story must never present the identical characters, scenarios or details present in the client’s issue. It must include new possibilities or choices that the characters are now bringing forth to the subconscious mind.  All humans have a conscious and unconscious mind.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

I do Ericksonian Hypnosis. Milton Erickson introduced innovative techniques to resolve the presenting issues of the client. It consists of language patterns and metaphors which are weaved in an imaginative experience guided by the hypnotist for the client which prompts the client’s imagination. In so doing, the critical and judgmental mind (conscious mind) are bypassed and the subconscious mind becomes readily available. The subconscious mind imprints our memories which in turn may have created our issues. Here lies the healing of our memories through the artful presentation of the metaphoric story. The artful hypnotist must have a grounded knowledge base of the doings of the brain. The brain is our map of the world and generally no two maps are the same although the territory may be.

As such, there is a prominent distinction between Ericksonian Hypnosis and stage hypnosis. Stage hypnosis has served to elicit visions of a stage, a hypnotist, and an individual where the hypnotist directs the individual to perform weird stunts which represent losing control and awareness of who they are.

In contrast, my practice is current with valid research about the different areas of the brain and their function in behavior and emotion. A potential client will benefit from a professional who has extensive study of the brain as part of their training background. I have designed courses and delivered seminars to professionals in the learning/teaching profession where the brain is the amazing misunderstood organ.

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Lifestyle Coaching

My practice is integrated. The possibility of success for the client rests on the ability of the practitioner to integrate techniques of hypnosis and lifestyle coaching when designing a treatment plan. We are a physical mental, spiritual and emotional being. And mental wellness occurs when all parts of our nature are in sync.

In many cases, the client may need to become aware of an outside perspective; a professional can provide alternate views of a goal or plan. The Lifestyle Coach is trained to steer the client in the right direction along with proper motivation and a vision of the client’s life when the change has taken place. The client may need a detailed action plan with ongoing monitoring of progress. There is a lot of information available as to what constitutes wellness. It is a good idea to have a professional sift through it.

Integration of various disciplines or methods is very powerful. Depending on the issue the client presents, I use a combination of techniques in my practice such as Life Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Cognitive, Behavioral and Positive Psychology. I also rely on learning theory and the vast and profound experience in education for many years. The rationale here is that humans do not fit into a mold.  Each person manifests the mind, the body and the spirit.  I prefer to call it Integrated Hypnotherapy. See the blog page to get more info on healing through the looking glass.

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