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Much has been written about the success of hypnotherapy today.  What has not been explained is how hypnotherapy can bring healing to the client.

The following is one way:

For generations, humans have passed down their cultural norms, values and other relevant information through storytelling. Today, storytelling continues. Everyone loves to hear an exciting story with drama and good and bad characters. The plot has a beginning, a middle and an end.  The characters usually face a dilemma, conflict or many struggles. There is suspense. Sometimes, poems, anecdote and fables are used for the same purpose instead of stories.  Whatever the method of delivery, we, the listeners get involved.  The tapestry is always compelling enough to enthrall and captivate the listener’s attention.

  • Storytelling is also used in hypnotherapy to bring healing, but it needs the following ingredients: A good hypnotist needs to weave a story, anecdote or poem parallel symbolically to the issues the client has presented.
  • The story must never present the identical characters, scenarios or details.
  • It must capture attention through symbolism and identification and imagination.
  • It must present a dilemma or a choice having to do with the client’s issues.
  • It must include new possibilities or choices that the characters are now considering and will transfer to this present situation.

All humans have conscious and unconscious minds.  Healing always occurs in the unconscious mind and projects to the conscious.

This is the short version of how one method has been proven to bring healing to a client who may be experiencing anxiety, guilt, phobia, addiction and much more.

There are many other therapeutic means of bringing healing in hypnotherapy and if you want to know how other methods work, please make an appointment with me.

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The Power of Integration

I use, select, and overlap other areas in my practice such as Life Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Cognitive and Positive Psychology.  The rationale here is that humans do not fit into a mold.  Each person manifests the mind, the body and the spirit.  I prefer to call it Integrated Hypnotherapy.

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