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Norma Uranga, Ph.D.

Hypnotist, Life Coach, Learning Specialist and Author

Besides my hypnosis practice, I earned a Ph.D from a noted University, New York University where I was recognized for meritorious research findings regarding the achievement of multicultural children in an urban school.

I am a Learning and Training Specialist for diverse populations and settings.  Over time and subsequent credentials, my learning and training career have been lauded and documented in professional evaluations.  My tools and methodology are unique and highly creative according to brain compatible principles. To that end, students and professionals alike have succeeded accordingly beyond expectations.

In my practice, I often recommend or suggest the practice of Mindful Meditation.  As a Meditation Coach, I can help those people who struggle with maintaining present moment awareness in their everyday lives. This ancient Eastern practice has become highly popular as a healing practice. It is most applicable for clients who report fear and anxiety of the unknown future or regrets and guilt from their past.  Many of us struggle with accepting what is at the present time.  By contrast, these people desire to do away with judgement of any kind whether coming from self or others.

My passion is writing about someone or something.  My enthusiasm was recognized by being Published in the The Journal of Educational Issues of Language of Minority Students. Here, I designed and submitted a possible teacher training model to improve the academic achievement of high school multicultural students.  Throughout my teacher/administrate career, sometimes it was necessary for me to present regularly innovative and mandated new programs from the N.Y State Education Dept. regularly to the community and other professionals.