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Norma Uranga, Ph.D

Hypnotist, Life Coach

Learning Specialist, Author, Trainer and Meditation Coach

I am swayed to tell you about my certifications, prestigious awards, degrees and noted learning establishments of my training.  But I am not.  Other hypnosis websites do that very well.  What I do want to let you know is about the extensive field experience I had before I became a certified hypnotist and how it laid the fertile ground for my present career as hypnotist and life coach.

The Foundation is Laid

Twenty-five years ago, I found myself in the trenches of human suffering.  As educator/administrator in urban communities, I tackled and “healed” my clients (parents, teachers, and students) as best as I knew how, given my educational and psychological training.  My clients were plagued with hopelessness, homelessness, abuse, abandonment and pervasive poverty.  They wanted change and looked to me for the tools to do it. Every day had its crisis, sometimes even a few.  My clients came to me for solutions and compassion. The only changing variable in any given day was the age of the face sitting in my office waiting for my creative counsel, mediation and resolution.

The Practitioner I Am Today

Today, I would not change a thing because the set-up then for my present hypnosis and life coaching practice was divinely planned.   Today, my skills are invaluable as I can help my clients with change work, using a multilayered approach and a variety of tools not found elsewhere. Looking back, it was training in the trenches, an experience not had by many hypnotists today.  It was in-depth, comprehensive training not attainable or learned in most hypnosis and life coaching certification programs.   Presently, as the owner of Hypnosis Life Coaching of Westchester, I help my clients with a most comprehensive and integrated approach in hypnosis and life coaching.

My Fascination with the Brain

It was during these twenty-five years that I zeroed in on the study and research of the human brain, this amazing organ responsible for any change including learning according to the principles of the brain.  My enthusiasm mushroomed into designing and implementing a summer course for teachers for the Department of Special Education in the Yonkers Public schools.  In turn, I had the opportunity to offer additional instructional support to classroom teachers according to brain compatible learning.  My knowledge base about this magnificent organ we all have escalated to unrecognizable heights.  To this day, I continue to apply this knowledge to my client’s goals.  And frankly, I cannot understand how anyone can be certified as hypnotist without this layer of learning.

Educator/Administrator Role

The role of educator/administrator in the schools also encompassed teacher training as mandated by the New York State Department of Education instructional initiatives.  Such programs as Reading First, Peer Coaching and the like are only a few.  After all, how many new instructional programs can there be in a twenty-five-year span?

Published Author

I am a published author.  In addition to scholarly writing and presentations, I delight in writing about a topic where the words and phrases dance on the page with anticipation.

Doctor of Philosophy

Finally, I have earned a Ph.D with actual research experience from a notable and prestigious university in New York and corresponding dissertation which enables me to know the crevasses and exactness of research reporting.

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