About Dr. Uranga

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Norma Uranga, Ph.D

Hypnotist, Life Coach

Learning Specialist, Author, Trainer and Meditation Coach

Besides my hypnosis practice, I earned a Ph.D from a noted University, New York University where I was recognized for meritorious research findings regarding the achievement of multicultural children in an urban school. 

I am a Learning Specialist anticipating creating a learning project for business and other training settings which projects my insurmountable knowledge base and experience. 

In addition to hypnosis and life coaching, I am able to help my clients with meditation. Mindful Meditation offers an outlook for moment-to-

moment awareness which paves the way for compassion and joy of the present moment.  Here, we strive for the experience of examining thoughts and centering.  So, we ask, are living in the future or the past missing out on what is going on now? Are we always in the future or the past instead of what is happening now? 

I am a published author.  I designed a training model for teachers in a multicultural school district (The Journal of Educational Issues of Language Minority Students.) In addition to scholarly writing, I wrote grant proposals to the NYS Education Dept. which were funded. I delight in writing about a topic where the words and phrases dance on the page with anticipation. 

I am an artist:  I have designed and implemented Training Programs and Courses for diverse forums, universities, and school districts.  Each time, the learning project reflected a solid knowledge base and experience in the phenomenon of learning and memory from a brain learning perspective.

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