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Hypnosis Life Coaching of Westchester

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Norma Uranga, Ph.D

Hypnotist, Life Coach, Learning Specialist, Author, Trainer and Meditation Coach

All services are available in English as well as Spanish

Hypnosis and Life Coaching

Hypnosis is used to treat phobias, anxiety, trauma, compulsion, addictions, pain relief and much more. It is most effective with repetitive behaviors and disturbing thought patterns which prevent a balanced, calm and stress-free life. Life Coaching facilitates the attainment of personal goals and desired changes to our lives. When these methods are integrated in a treatment plan, their outcome is outstanding in bringing optimal success.


I am a Spanish-speaking professional practitioner who brings to her client’s expansive diversity in credentials, knowledge and experience of 25 years as educator, mediator, learning programs, professional development. I also conduct Mindful Meditation programs.

Hypnosis & Life Coaching

An Integrated Approach . . .

Through hypnosis and life coaching, the potential client will experience discovery of cemented beliefs and behaviors which have prevented empowerment and self-confidence. By infusing and overlapping these two areas, the client has optimal success probability. There will be an apparent personal transformation by retraining the brain and healing the hurtful past.

A joyous YOU will emerge.

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Do not complete this form unless you are ready to experience a dramatic transformation in your life. In so doing, you will enter a passageway to an amazing journey. You will experience freedom, empowerment and joy.

With my help, you will dissolve resistance to eliminating most persistent old habits, negative emotions and beliefs. You will learn tools to eradicate cemented disturbing thoughts and behaviors. You will experience a complete shift in your life which will bring you your rightful inheritance which is an optimal sense of well being.


Yonkers, New York


Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM

Evening and Weekend Hours available


(917) 217-1553

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