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New York Hypnotherapist

My practice is distinct from others because it is integrated. This integration rests on a fountain of knowledge that I acquired during many years in Academia prior to my training in hypnosis, life coaching and meditation. Because of this enhanced training and field experience, I can apply a variety of “lenses” from other disciplines to my hypnosis practice, thereby providing comprehensive integrated hypnotherapy.

Here’s an example: Learning and memory are a phenomenon of the brain. A client comes for hypnosis because an unconscious, detrimental learning situation from the past is presently, creating anxiety, confusion, excessive drinking, weight gain, phobia, etc. for the client. Of course, all this is in the unconscious mind. Under trance, the hypnotist suggests new choices and possibilities in the form of metaphors, for example. Over time, a new learning pattern takes place. Now, to the point, the hypnotist who has additional training in how learning occurs in the brain is more qualified to provide comprehensive hypnotherapy. MY background and field experience over the years as a Learning Specialist in higher education, classrooms and training programs gives me this expertise.

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