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New York Hypnotherapist

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Norma Uranga, Ph.D


Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

My practice can help people with addiction, pain, weight loss, depression and much more because I do not rely solely on my hypnosis training for the design of a treatment plan.  The benefits of viewing an issue from one or multiple frameworks has been documented and accepted in many applied disciplines.  Human beings are complex. Our clients do not fit into a mold.  Each client has his or her own “map of the world” which shapes attitudes, perspectives and even values which affect behavior.

Here is an example of overlapping theories from other applied disciplines: Hypnosis has to do with learning a pattern in our minds at some time in the past. We make full use of that pattern in our daily lives. Does it not make sense for the hypnotist to know how learning occurs in the brain?  And what about the part that memory plays in learning?  These aspects need to be evaluated when a new pattern of behavior is desired.  So, can we concur that hypnosis is a science?  Teachers all over the world have been trained in brain compatible instruction; therefore, in addition to hypnosis, the brain and how it works has been applied in another setting, the classroom.

New findings in brain research are reported every day.  As hypnotists, should we not be informed about it for the sake of our clients?

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