The Power of Your Thoughts

The Power of Your Thoughts

If you do not know about the power of your thoughts (overthinking)…


It has been reported that on an average day, average people think about 6,200 thoughts a day. If that is not ominous enough, the type of thoughts we entertain may become to be an unconscious “go to” process. Over time, they become “neuropaths” which become cemented through repetition. In turn, the thought forms may produce a direct impact on our mental states. See Dr. Poppenk’s research study at Queens Dept. of Psychology. Let us look at the outcome we face after repetitive, over time negative thought patters: How about, depression, doubt, guilt, loathing, fear, phobias, and self-sabotage among many more emotional states? In hypnosis, the hypnotist and client work together to replace the negative thought forms with empowering patterns. (For purposes of this short expose, the process is oversimplified.)

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